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Safety Flight Training

Our Training Program:  

  • Behaviour in certain situations (e.g. bei loss of orientation)
  • Preparation and Execution of Safety Landings
  • Preparation and Execution of Over Water Flights
  • Emergency Landings
  • Loss of Communcation
  • Simulation of technical defaults (i.e. Loss of Hydraulic Pump, Loss of Flight Controls)
  • Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes
  • Emergency Descents
  • Short / Soft Field Take-offs and Landings

Flying into

bad weather

Our Training Program:  
  • Weather Information (sources, content)

  • 180° Procedure Turns

  • Radar Supported Flying

  • Frequency Management

  • Use of Aircraft Instrumentation on board

Pinch Hitter Course

Pinch Hitter: A person that helps out in an emergency situation
In pilot's language:

Abbreviated training for non-pilots aimed at providing knowledge and capabilities to handle an emergency situation from the right seat and take over the controls of an aircraft, to fly to the next airport and land there.
Our Training Program:

  • Aircraft (Anatomy and Functionality)
  • Instrumentation
  • Navigation
  • Flight Maneuvers
  • Landing
  • Emergencies

Safety Pilot

Our Training Program:  
  • Accompanying pilots on domestic and international flights

  • Taking over flying tasks

  • Assisting in planning and execution of flights


Our Training Program:  
  • Theoretical Introduction

  • Practical Spin Training

  • Spin Avoidance

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