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Flight Review


Holders of a US pilot licence are required to perform a so called "Flight Review" (FR) in order to extend or renew, whatever the case may be, the currency of the licence held. Thereafter, the licence is valid for another 24 calendar months until the end of the month.


The Flight Review is conducted by a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and consists of a ground and flight portion. It is not an exam that can be passed or failed but rather a brush-up of knowledge and piloting skills. Following its successful completion an endorsement is entered into the pilot's logbook.


A Flight Review conducted by the US-Flight Training Center consists of two parts:


Ground School: 1 h of ground instruction required. Content: Review of the general operating and flight rules of FAR Part 91. In addition, the following subjects are covered: Aircraft systems, flight planning, emergency procedures, medical factors, weather information and more.


Practical Training: 1 hour of flight training required. The content is up to the discretion of the Certified Flight Instructor. Generally, all maneuvers important to flight safety are repeated and practised until the Airmen Certification Standards for the licence under question are met.


Validity: 24 calender months until the end of the month. The Flight Review can be replaced by passing a pilot proficiency check conducted by an examiner for a pilot certificate, rating or operating privilege.

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