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If your dream has always been to fly,

then this is the right place for you!

US-Flight Training Center

- the American dream of flying


Obtaining a pilot licence and flying in the US - these are unique experiences. The reason is that in the "land of opportunity" flying is almost considered a common good like driving a car.


General Aviation is an integral part of a transportation network across the continent not only due to necessity to overcome large distances but also in view of the significantly higher acceptance of an aircraft as a means of transportation.


Of course, the American way of life largely contributes to the fun a private pilot can experience in the US.


In this context mainly five factors are the key to success:

  • Straightforwardness

  • Affordability

  • Safety awareness

  • Service mentality

  • Uncomplicatedness


A pragmatic formulated set of regulations (the so-called Federal Aviation Regulations, FARs) stipulates many advantages for flight training and flying compared to Europe. Airmen Certification Standards for each licence and/or rating sought define the areas of operation and the tasks to be performed by the applicant including the limits that have to be met. Emphasis is on a reasonable combination of know-how gained on the ground and its application to an aircraft in the air. That means that you are trained to have full control of your aircraft at all times.


Now, what can US-Flight Training Center do for you?


Our offer includes:


  • Consulting of licence applicants

  • Introductory Flights

  • Training of licence applicants

  • Flight Training

  • Endorsements (e.g. Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check and more)

  • Aircraft Rental

  • Aircraft Registration

  • Sight Seeing Flights


Please look around and see for yourself!

Starten Sie Jetzt

More information about our offer for European flight licences:

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