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Constantin Woelki

- The Founder of US-Flight Training Center -












Since 1987 Constantin Woelki is an active and dedicated pilot.


His mission is to address each student's individual capabilities.


Be it already a holder of a pilot licence or a mere aviation enthusiast, Constantin Woelki takes into account the personal interest of each candidate, irrespective of the fact that somebody just wants to enjoy flying, i.e. emphasizing the aspect of pleasure flying, or wishes to use the aircraft for smaller private or business trips. On the basis of practice-oriented US standards Constantin Woelki provides profound theoretical know-how and useful practical skills to beginners. He combines knowledge and skills of experienced pilots with exactly at their point of interest and identified needs. Hence, every flight hour is a clear step for each pilot / student on his way to achieve his goals. Focus is on flight safety combined with enjoyment of flying!


Constantin Woelki holds the following FAA licences and ratings:


  • ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License)

  • CPL-IFR-ME (Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument and Multiengine Rating))

  • CFI-A (Certified Flight Instructor Airplane Single Engine)

  • CFI-AME (Certified Flight Instructor Airplane Multiengine)

  • CFI-II (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument)

In addition, he holds the following European EASA Part-FCL Licenses:


  • CPL (A) (Commercial Pilot Licence, SEP, MEP, TMG, IR)

  • FI (A) (Certified Flight Instructor Airplane Single Engine/Multiengine/Instrument)

  • ATPL (Theory - Airline Transport Pilot License)

  • FE (A) Flight Examiner (for more information visit

  • IRE (A) Instrument Rating Examiner (for more information visit

  • CRE SEP (land)

  • CRE MEP (land)

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