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Training - our offer


For many years the US-Flight Training Center cooperates with well reputed flight schools in the US. In Germany and/or the US we organize for you:


  • Flight School

  • Ground School

  • Aircraft and Flight Instructor

  • Dates for Checkrides


A thorough preparation and planning of your flight training and stay in the US is indispensable in view of many "rotten apples" in the industry. Our goal is to provide a professional flight training in the US in a demanding and at the same time inspiring flying environment.


Please note that numerous formalities must be completed before you start your training:


  • TSA check (

  • SEVIS application (Student Exchange Visa Information System) for the issuance of a so called I20 (prepared by flight school)

  • Presentation of proof of funds for planned training

  • Applying for M1 visa (depending on the license sought) based on the I20 form received from the flight school (the flight schools we cooperate with are authorized to issue an I20).


We will be pleased to help you with the completion of the aforementioned formalities.

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