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A so called "Endorsement" is a confirmation and entry respectively by an authorized Certified Flight Instructor in a pilot's logbook following a ground and practical instruction. There are three kinds of endorsements:


Ground Test Endorsements


Confirmation by a Certified Flight Instructor of a preparatory course for the ground test (entered into the logbook or on a separate form)


Currency Endorsements



These endorsements refer to the validity of a Certificate / Rating.


Aircraft Endorsements



These endorsements refer to the authorization to conduct flights in specific aircraft that require additional knowledge and skills.


The idea is that a pilot has to receive and log sufficient flight instruction if he intends to fly particular aircraft (f.e. an aircraft with a strong engine, complex systems and/or specific characteristics). This instruction is entered into the pilot's logbook and signed-off by a Certified Flight Instructor.


The ground and flight instruction are given on the basis of the knowledge and skills presented. The required flight hours depend on the type of aircraft and endorsement desired. Course duration: approx. 3-5 days. The pilot has to sufficiently demonstrate that he obtained a profound knowledge of the technical specs of and fully controls that specific aircraft.


The duration of this training is not prescribed but rather up to discretion of the flight instructor. This one time endorsement is valid unlimited.

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