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High Altitude Aircraft


A High Altitude Aircraft Endorsement (FAR § 61.31 (g)) is required for pressurized aircraft (an aircraft that has a service ceiling or maximum operating altitude, whichever is lower, above 25,000 feet MSL).


A High Altitude Aircraft Endorsement conducted by the US-Flight Training Center consist of two parts:


Ground School: Discussion of the aircraft systems and emergency procedures. In addition, the following subjects are covered:


● High altitude aerodynamics and meteorology

● Respiration

● Effects, symptoms, and causes of hypoxia and any other high altitude sickness

● Duration of consciousness without supplemental oxygen

● Effects of prolonged usage of supplemental oxygen

● Causes and effects of gas expansion and gas bubble formation

● Preventive measures for eliminating gas expansion, gas bubble formation, and high altitude sickness

● Physical phenomena and incidents of decompression, and

● any other physiological aspects of high altitude flight.


Practical Training: Flight in 25,000 feet MSL, use of oxygen systems, simulation of system failures, emergency descents, stalls


Validity: unlimited (lifelong endorsement)

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