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Aircraft Registration / N-Registration


Before or after obtaining a licence, pilots most probably contemplate on the purchase and operation of an own airplane or consider a fractional ownership.


A holder of a US pilot licence has many advantages to operate a so called -Nregistered- aircraft. An example: In the US, a holder of a US pilot licence with an instrument rating -currency criteria met- can operate an N-registered aircraft under IFR anytime, whereas the same pilot in a D-registered aircraft cannot fly that aircraft at all without a validation or only under VFR if validated.


In addition, costly alterations and refittings for the D-registration can be avoided as well as enabling the operation of aircraft without a German type certificate.

A professional trust solution provider for maintaining the N-registration for your aircraft will strictly ensure that the ownership of an N-registered aircraft will be held only by clearly determined entities, e.g. a US citizen or trust respectively without losing the economic advantages of an N-registration for a Non-US citizen.


Numerous US (also criminal) regulations have to be adhered to when registering an aircraft. Their negligence can induce the loss of legal title and / or the loss of insurance coverage. In any case, a profound analysis of all aspects of an N-registration of an aircraft is indispensable.

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